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Accessibility checker
QualiBooth Accessibility Checker

The most comprehensive and innovative accessibility checker on the market. Our cutting-edge technology revolutionizes the way you ensure inclusivity on your digital platforms. Experience unmatched accuracy, depth, and efficiency as our tool meticulously scans and analyzes every page element on every page visit, leaving no accessibility issue unnoticed. Stay ahead of the curve and make accessibility a seamless part of your digital strategy with our game-changing solution.

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Site Accessibility Score
QualiBooth Accessibility Score

Wondering if your website truly caters to individuals with disabilities? Answering that question can be challenging. However, our groundbreaking accessibility score provides a definitive and precise measurement of your website's accessibility. Continuously updated in real-time, it allows you to witness firsthand how your website's accessibility evolves as you address any errors or issues. Our score is designed to be easily interpretable and understandable, offering valuable insights into both your current standing and the progress made over time. It serves as a benchmark, evaluating your website's performance against our comprehensive accessibility checks, which are meticulously aligned with the WCAG success criteria.

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Accessibility Dashboard
QualiBooth Accessibility Dashboards

Experience the power of our all-encompassing accessibility dashboards that offer profound insights into the evolution of your website's accessibility over time. These dashboards are invaluable not only to senior management but also to developers, catering to the needs of diverse stakeholders. Our dashboards encompass various components, including:

  • WCAG Conformance Levels: Monitor your website's adherence to WCAG conformance levels, spanning A, AA, and AAA, providing a clear understanding of your compliance status.
  • Severity-Based Issue Tracking: Keep a close eye on accessibility issues categorized by severity levels, allowing you to prioritize and address critical issues promptly.
  • Accessibility Issue Insights: Gain deep visibility into the accessibility issues identified and explore how they impact specific pages, enabling you to target your remediation efforts effectively.

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Accessibility Reports
QualiBooth Accessibility Reports

Unveiling a wealth of insights, our comprehensive reports provide a detailed breakdown of accessibility issues based on type, count, and the pages they affect within a specific time period. These reports also highlight development trends, allowing you to track the progress of accessibility improvements over time. For a more granular analysis, dive deeper into each issue's detailed description, empowering you with a comprehensive understanding of the specific accessibility challenges and their impact. Our reports equip you with the knowledge needed to address accessibility issues effectively and drive continuous enhancement, ensuring a more inclusive digital experience for all users.

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QualiBooth Development Assistant

By utilizing the QualiBooth development console, developers have the ability to generate a detailed page report that highlights all detected accessibility issues. This feature greatly simplifies the process of identifying and resolving problems.

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QualiBooth Accessibility Monitoring

With QualiBooth's monitoring service, rest assured that your website undergoes continuous checks with every page visit, ensuring comprehensive coverage across all browsers and resolutions. Our vigilant monitoring system guarantees that no aspect of your website's performance is left unexamined, providing you with peace of mind and assurance of consistent user experience across various platforms. You can rely on QualiBooth to maintain the highest level of quality and performance for your website, all while minimizing any potential issues or discrepancies that may arise.

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No Automatic Accessibility Fixes

At QualiBooth, we are committed to fostering true digital accessibility through a thoughtful and informed approach. While our software provides comprehensive insights into accessibility issues, we advocate for manual intervention by experts to ensure that enhancements are not only significant but also successful in providing equitable access for all users, in compliance with regulatory standards.

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