Introducing QualiBooth Platform

The premier web accessibility solution

Begin your path to ADA and WCAG compliance with QualiBooth's cutting-edge platform. Discover the unique solution that not only performs daily scans of each page on your website, tracking and identifying all accessibility issues in real-time but also provides continuous monitoring to ensure ongoing compliance.


How it works?

Automatically scan all visited pages

Our automated accessibility checker solution conducts a comprehensive scan of all loaded elements on your website during each page visit. Its purpose is to identify accessibility errors and risks that hinder individuals with disabilities from comprehending or engaging with your site. You don’t have to possess in-depth knowledge of digital accessibility as our solution takes care of it for you.

Powerful reporting

QualiBooth offers a robust set of tools suitable for both management and development.

    • Accessibility score updated on daily bases
    • The real-time dashboards offer current & historical statistics, as well as insights into accessibility errors categorized by severity and conformance level.
    • The combination of the comprehensive reporting and development console offers developers the most advanced tool available on the market for analyzing and resolving accessibility issues.


QualiBooth ensures continuous monitoring of your website for new accessibility issues with every page visit. As you make fixes and your site content evolves, our technology automatically detects any emerging or resolved issues. The reports comprehensively capture these changes, while the accessibility score is updated in real-time to provide an accurate assessment of your website’s performance.

Imagine a world where everyone can experience the boundless wonders of the internet, where no barriers exist to hinder exploration, connection, and engagement. That’s the power of web accessibility – the key that unlocks a digital realm where inclusivity reigns supreme.

Where to use

Our digital accessibility software is designed with the understanding that website development and maintenance occur across multiple environments, not just in production. Here’s how our tool can be incredibly useful for developers in various contexts:
  • Works behind firewalls for internal applications
  • Integration in the Development Process
    • Development Environments: Integrate our accessibility checker early in the development lifecycle to catch and address accessibility issues from the outset.
    • Staging Environments: Before deploying changes to production, use our tool in the staging environment to perform thorough accessibility checks.
    • Pre-Production Environments: In pre-production, our software can be used to conduct final accessibility audits and validate fixes for previously identified issues.
  • Essential for Production Environment

No Automatic Fixes

At QualiBooth, we believe that achieving true digital accessibility requires a deliberate and informed approach. While our software provides comprehensive insights into accessibility issues, we advocate for intentional remediation by knowledgeable individuals. This ensures that fixes are not just compliant with standards but also meaningful and effective in providing equal access to all users. Here are the key reasons why our software does not perform automatic fixes:
  • Complexity and Nuance in Accessibility Requirements – For example, automatically adjusting color contrast might resolve one problem but create another by disrupting the website’s visual design or branding. Similarly, automatically generated alt texts for images might not convey the intended information or context accurately.
  • The Importance of Human Judgment – For instance, deciding how to structure complex information in an accessible way, or determining the most appropriate way to describe images, requires a nuanced understanding of both the content and the audience that automated solutions cannot replicate.
  • Potential for Overreliance and Complacency – Providing an automatic fixing feature could lead to overreliance on the software, with website owners or developers becoming complacent about their role in maintaining accessibility.

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