QualiBooth Portal: Onboarding Guide

Welcome to QualiBooth! This guide is designed to help you quickly get started with our platform. Follow the steps below to begin your journey towards enhanced website accessibility.


  • Start Your Journey: Navigate to the QualiBooth website and click the “Start Free Trial” button located in the top right corner.
  • Sign Up: Complete the registration form or opt for a quick sign-in with your existing Google or Microsoft account.
  • Onboarding Steps:
    • Step 1: Specify your Organization’s name and the domain you wish to assess first.
    • Step 2: Choose the right plan for your needs. Our offerings include Standard, Advanced, Premium, and Enterprise plans, with Monthly and Annual billing options. Opting for an Annual subscription grants up to a 20% discount. Select the plan that best accommodates the number of users, sites, and organizations you intend to manage.
      • For bespoke needs, the Enterprise plan awaits. Contact our sales team at sales@qualibooth.com for a custom solution tailored to your requirements.
    • Step 3: Provide payment details. Companies within the EU must ensure accurate country and VAT number submission.
  • Confirmation: Review your plan selections and associated charges. Once confirmed, you’re all set to explore the full capabilities of QualiBooth.

Browser Script Installation

Upon completing registration, you’ll be directed to the “My Sites” dashboard. Here’s how to activate QualiBooth on your site:
  • Locate and click the “Tracking Code” button for your site to reveal the script.
  • Copy the script and embed it within your website’s header, footer, or body tag.
  • Status Update: Watch the status transition from “Not Active” to “Active,” indicating successful script integration.


Upon integrating QualiBooth into your digital ecosystem, its browser script immediately springs into action, evaluating your website’s accessibility. This seamless process is designed to ensure your site remains inclusive and compliant with accessibility standards. How it works: Each visit to a page on your site triggers an automatic scan, assessing the page for accessibility barriers. These scans collect data which is then synthesized and relayed to our analytical engine for processing. Dashboard Insights: Gain a comprehensive view of your website’s accessibility through the dashboard, which aggregates and displays data shortly after installation. While initial statistics might take a few hours to appear, updates occur hourly, enriching your overview with the latest information.

Key Metrics for Informed Decisions

  • Accessibility Score: This metric offers a snapshot of your site’s current accessibility standing, primarily reflecting the previous day’s score for accuracy. For newcomers to QualiBooth, initial scores are based on the latest hour’s scan, evolving to daily updates as more data becomes available.
  • Scan History: Visualize your website’s accessibility journey through various charts, detailing changes over time. Whether you’re interested in the past hour or year, these graphs enable targeted reviews and strategic planning.
    • Accessibility Score Trends: Track how your site’s score fluctuates, identifying patterns or areas for improvement.
    • Issue Identification: Discover the volume of accessibility challenges uncovered during specific periods.
    • View Count Charts: Understand the real-world impact of accessibility barriers through the eyes of your visitors. For instance, if two individuals encounter the same two issues on your homepage, the view count for those issues doubles, offering a deeper insight into user experiences.
    • Pages Affected: Learn which pages house accessibility concerns, facilitating a focused approach to remediation.
  • Additional charts are provided to ensure a complete experience.


The Reports page within QualiBooth serves as a comprehensive resource for delving into the specifics of your website’s accessibility issues. Here’s how to maximize its utility:
  • In-Depth Analysis: Access detailed examinations of each accessibility concern detected across your site. The Reports page categorizes these findings, presenting them in an organized manner for easy review.
  • Prioritization by Impact: Issues are methodically arranged based on their impact and the frequency of their occurrence. Those with the highest view counts—indicative of critical errors—take precedence. This prioritization underscores the significance of addressing the most impactful problems first, as they pose the greatest barriers to your customers.
  • Interactive Exploration: Engage with the list of issues by selecting any to uncover the specific pages they influence. This feature allows for targeted investigation and remediation planning.
  • Comprehensive Breakdown: Upon selecting an issue, you’re directed to a detailed page that outlines where the issue is present. This page uses view count as the default sorting criterion, advocating a strategic approach to fixing prevalent problems swiftly for an immediate enhancement in user experience.
  • Seamless Integration with Development Assistant: For actionable insights and solutions, click the Development Assistant icon adjacent to any page listing. This integration bridges the gap between identification and resolution, streamlining the process of making your website more accessible.

Development Assistant

The Development Assistant is an advanced tool within QualiBooth designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of accessibility concerns on your web pages. Here’s how it empowers you to improve accessibility:

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Scans: Automatically evaluates your web pages for accessibility issues, offering a clear score and identifying potential legal risks associated with each page.
  • Guided Resolution: Supplies detailed recommendations and visual highlights on your pages to pinpoint and resolve accessibility issues efficiently.

Utilizing the Development Assistant:

  • Initiating Analysis:
    • Access the Development Assistant by selecting its icon either from an issue’s detail page or directly from the main menu.
    • Upon activation, the tool will switch your current view to the Development Assistant mode, focusing on the page or site selected for review.
  • Performing Scans:
    • Initiate the scan by clicking on the “Scan the page” option. The tool will then proceed to analyze the selected page in its entirety.
    • Following the scan, a comprehensive report detailing all discovered accessibility issues will be presented alongside the page’s overall accessibility score and any associated lawsuit risks.
  • Issue Resolution:
  • Navigate through the reported issues by clicking on each to reveal detailed information about its occurrences on the page.
  • For targeted action, click on a specific issue, referred to as a “node.” This action will highlight the issue directly on the web page, visually indicating where adjustments are needed.
  • The tool provides clear instructions within the issue description section, offering step-by-step guidance on how developers can rectify the problem, ensuring compliance with accessibility standards.
The Development Assistant streamlines the process of identifying and addressing web accessibility issues, making it an essential component of your onboarding journey with QualiBooth. By following these steps, you can significantly enhance the usability and compliance of your site, contributing to a more inclusive digital environment.

Expanding Your Accessibility Reach with QualiBooth

Adding More Sites to Your Organization

Scale Your Accessibility Efforts: With a subscription plan above Standard, QualiBooth empowers you to extend your accessibility initiatives across multiple sites.
  • How to Add a Site: Simply navigate to the “My Sites” dashboard and click the “Add Site” button. Enter the new domain name to include another site under your organization’s umbrella.
  • Removing Sites: Should you need to streamline your focus, removing a site is just as straightforward. Click the “Remove” icon adjacent to the site’s name to exclude it from your ongoing scans.

Adding More Users to Your Organization

Collaborate for Greater Impact: Enhance your team’s capability by adding more users to your QualiBooth account, available for plans above Standard.
  • User Invitation Process: Access “User Management” from the main menu and select “Invite New User.” Input their email address, designate their role within the platform, and confirm to extend an invitation.
  • Role Allocation Note: While only one individual can assume the admin role, offering a mix of power and regular user statuses allows for tailored access and responsibilities within your organization.

Creating New Organizations

Structure for Success: For enterprises, the ability to manage multiple organizations under a single QualiBooth account can significantly streamline accessibility management efforts.
  • When to Consider Multiple Organizations:
    • Agencies: Managing separate organizations for different clients simplifies workflows and reporting.
    • Large Enterprises: If your company operates with a regional structure, subsidiaries, or distinct divisions, setting up individual organizations for each can enhance organizational clarity.
  • Setting Up: Visit “My Organizations” from the main menu. Here, the modal presents an “Add new organization” button beneath your current list. Enter the desired organization name and save to establish a new entity within QualiBooth.