QualiBooth Accessibility Checker

How Does the Accessibility Checker Work?

Once the software is installed on your website, the tool immediately starts scanning and analyzing all loaded page elements with each page visit. It explores various aspects of your site, including keyboard navigation accessibility, color contrast, font size, alt texts for images and buttons, captions, transcriptions, and other essential elements that ensure equal access for all people, regardless of their capabilities.

Each visit triggers the generation of a comprehensive report detailing the accessibility issues encountered. This report is forwarded to our analytical engine. The more visits you have on a page, the more in-depth measurement we will provide for this page. Consequently, this leads to highly accurate accessibility measurements that are continually updated in real-time to guarantee that no problem goes unnoticed.

The accessibility checker follows established standards such as WCAG, ADA, AODA, and Section 508. Once the software is implemented on your website.

Accessibility checker

How Can the Accessibility Checker Help Us?

Accessibility checker is a reliable assistant for every website owner or developer. It will help you to comply with all mandatory accessibility requirements.

The tool identifies all available barriers that people with disabilities face. It includes screen readers, keyboard navigation, contrast, and more.

In addition, the checker will categorize any errors present on the site. It helps developers prioritize issues so that they can fix the most significant ones.

Last but not least, continuous real-time monitoring helps ensure you don’t miss potential accessibility problems that violate the regulations.

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