QualiBooth Accessibility Dashboards


QualiBooth’s dashboards provide a detailed and dynamic view of your website’s accessibility, facilitating continuous improvement and compliance with accessibility standards through insightful data analytics and filtering options.

The dashboards aggregate and display data shortly after installation. While initial statistics might take a few hours to appear, updates occur hourly, enriching your overview with the latest information.

Accessibility Dashboard


Scan History: Visualize your website’s accessibility journey through various charts, detailing changes over time. Whether you’re interested in the past hour or year, these graphs enable targeted reviews and strategic planning through four different charts:

  • Accessibility Score Chart
  • Accessibility Issues
  • Issue’s View Count
  • Pages Affected

These charts help in identifying trends, volumes of challenges, real-world impacts of barriers, and the number of affected pages.

Issues by Severity: Displays issues found during the selected period based on severity (Critical, High, Medium, Low).

Issues by Violation Level: Displays issues found during the selected period based on WCAG violation levels (A, AA, AAA). Addressing A and AA levels usually suffices for compliance, with AAA making the site fully accessible.

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