QualiBooth Accessibility Reports


The Reports section stands as a detailed repository for investigating the accessibility challenges identified on your website. It provides a structured examination of each detected issue, facilitating an orderly review process.

The issue inventory lists all the accessibility issues detected on your site within a specified period, providing detailed insights such as:

  • Issue (Rule) Name: Clicking on this takes you to a dedicated page for expanded details on the issue
  • Severity: Shows how critical each issue is.
  • Violation: Outlines the specific standard or guideline each issue breaches.
  • Count: The total occurrences of this issue across the site.
  • Page Count: Number of pages affected by this issue.
  • View Count: How often users have encountered this issue.

Issues are organized to reflect their significance and occurrence rate, with those affecting user experience most severely placed at the forefront. This approach highlights the urgency of rectifying major issues promptly to enhance accessibility for your audience.

Accessibility Reports
Accessibility reports

Detailed Issue Exploration

Upon selecting an issue, you’re directed to a detailed page that outlines where the issue is present. Pages on your website with the highest rate of the specific issue occurrence are listed on top. This feature allows for targeted investigation and remediation planning.

For actionable insights and solutions, click the Development Assistant icon adjacent to any page listing. This integration bridges the gap between identification and resolution, streamlining the process of making your website more accessible.

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