QualiBooth Accessibility Score

What Is an Accessibility Score?

An accessibility score is a measure that shows how well your website meets all accessibility guidelines and best practices. The score is determined according to established accessibility standards and includes various factors.

The most crucial of them are:

  • Color contrast
  • Font size
  • Alternative text on images and buttons
  • Keyboard navigation, and many others

QualiBooth’s accessibility score is a dynamic metric offering a snapshot of your site’s accessibility level, with real-time scoring based on the most recent data, primarily reflecting the previous day’s score for accuracy.

Site Accessibility Score

How Is the Accessibility Score Calculated?

As a first step, our website accessibility checker scans the entire site to check for accessibility errors, then analyzes, evaluates, and provides detailed report and a page score. The page score is determined based on the total weight of issues found and the elements scanned on a page, aiming for a balance between thoroughness and accessibility. Critical issues have the highest weight, then come High, Medium and Low.

Accessibility Score levels:

  • High: Scores 85-100 signify strong compliance with accessibility standards.
  • Medium (Orange): Scores 60-85 highlight partial compliance, indicating areas for improvement.
  • Low (Red): Scores below 60 denote significant accessibility barriers.

Hourly and Daily website scores:

The hourly & daily score are an average value from all page visits’ score for that hour or day. If there are more heavily visited pages on a website (for example its homepage), those will have higher weight in determining the hourly score, thus it is based on the average user’s experience and not just an average number for all different pages scanned.

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