QualiBooth Development Assistant

Development Assistant Overview

The Development Assistant, a key feature of QualiBooth, offers in-depth analysis and solutions for web accessibility challenges. It streamlines the enhancement of your site’s accessibility with the following features:

In-depth Assessments

This tool automatically assesses web pages for accessibility shortcomings, providing a detailed score and highlighting any potential legal implications for each page.

Solutions and Guidance

It delivers precise recommendations and uses visual cues to direct you to specific accessibility issues, facilitating swift and effective remediation.

How to Leverage the Development Assistant:

Conducting Assessments:

  • Users of QualiBooth have the option to enter development assistant mode for a website, enabling them to conduct in-depth, page-by-page scans to obtain comprehensive insights.
  • Once in development mode, trigger a page evaluation. The tool comprehensively reviews the page, culminating in a report that outlines all identified accessibility issues, the page’s accessibility rating, and potential lawsuit risks.

Addressing Issues:

  • Explore identified problems by selecting them, which reveals specific details and occurrences on the page.
  • Select an issue, or “node,” to visually highlight it on the page, indicating where modifications are necessary.
  • Detailed correction instructions are provided within the issue’s description, guiding developers through each step towards resolving the issue and achieving accessibility compliance.

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